Laughter) It is not for nothing.

Then the other Ugandan Oscar Chelimo (33 40 “), then Crippa (33’46”), he returned Friday to a gathering in the warm Algarve and Meucci (34’12 “), very enterprising in the first half of the race. Yogi Chiappinelli is 8 ° (34’33 “), then there are Cesare Maestri (34’38”) and, tenth, Michele Fountain (34’58 “). The successful arrival of Winfred Yavi, 19 years.

Colombo BRAVA NADIA – The blue colors fly higher in the female test. Again, Africa is mistress wins the 19 year-old Winfred Yavi, Kenyan flying the flag of Bahrain (17’50 “), in bronze time junior world champion of hedges, before Ethiopian Adanech Anbesa Feysa (17’58”) and Kenyan Gloria Kite (18’00 “), the favorite of the eve, this season between the meadows already won in Soria and Alcobendas, Spain. But fourth is beautiful Nadia Battocletti.

The European champion under 20 in Tilburg 2018 (18’33 “) has a great ending and tames the listed Portuguese Ana Dulce Felic, fresh maternity (18’38”) and Julia Viola (18’42 “), more and more perky on the way back after a long break pe injury. Nadia remains a fine talent: the future is all on his side. From our correspondent Andrea Buongiovanni  @ abuongi

January 18, 2019 – Milan Mikaela Shiffrin. Getty Ten hits in the Cup, entering among the greats who have won in all specialties. The Washington Post has called it the most dominant athlete of world sport.

Mikaela Shiffrin back in Cortina, only for the super-G on Sunday: “Why is it important to the rest,” he says after three hours of giant, without stopping for a moment. His 2018 was wonderful, the podium of the best memories? “The Thanksgiving with my family and my grandmother, my mother’s mother, in Massachusetts. Then the beautiful holiday with my boyfriend (French gigantista Mathieu Faivre) and other friends, in May, was special.

And the gold medal in the Olympic giant “. When it comes down it never seems to ski to the limit. And ‘so? “Normally in the race I am never at my limit. I try to get in training, but almost never in the race. I always try to be fast, but not to the maximum in each curve.

I know that many race push to the maximum, I try to keep up the intensity. ” VIDEOS OF JOURNAL TV How much is hard to be Mikaela Shiffrin? “(Laughter) It is not for nothing. To get what I want in skiing have to work hard. My theme is always focused, always in tension on performance.

We are always focused on being the fastest. Yes, this is not easy. But I’m just like that. ” Who are the opponents that the more impensieriscono? “Well, Giant are so many who can win.

In slalom last period has grown this duel with Petra Vlhova. The only way out is to concentrate on myself and ski as fast as I can. ” She has a private team, how it works? “I have a small team with 5 people. Mike (Day) and Jeff (Lackie) are my coaches for both skiing and for the physical preparation, Regan (Dewhirst) is my physical therapist, Johann is my skiman Eileen and my mom is one of my coaches.

Of course, it’s also my mom, but his work when we are around is to train. Many people are curious about his role in the team, keep her love for me is important: it makes me feel at home and it is nice to travel with someone from the family. My mother is also one of my best friends.

But apart from all this, it is a fantastic coach, he always knows the right thing to tell me, when my way of skiing is fine or not. We look at the video together, it is always with me on the track, sometimes track for training. It gives me a hand with journalists and sponsors. I know it’s tough for her to do all these things, but when there have her beside me I feel safe. ” THE INTERVIEW IN FULL OUT NOW SPECIAL TODAY WITH THE JOURNAL From our correspondent Marisa Poli © Reproduction reserved write your comment 0      

March 16, 2019 – MilanoNadal: “Federer? I hope to recover and be ready” Only one semi-final in the men’s draw at Indian Wells. You do not play it the match between Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal. The Spaniard, after trying in training, has decided to retire for the problem in his right knee. THE JOURNAL VIDEO TV In the only semifinal played great balance between the Austrian Dominic Thiem – seeded No.

7 in the tournament – and the Canadian Milos Raonic, number 13 on the board. A challenge full of great balance with the first two sets with no break. Necessary therefore have recourse in both partial tie-break. FOLLOW ALL TENNIS MATCH LIVE  In the first Thiem, who arrived at the semi-final thanks to the withdrawal of Gael Monfils in the quarterfinals, 7-3 closes while the second is Raonic, who in the quarters set in 2 sets (6-3 6-4) the Serbian Kecmanovic. to close 7-3.

In the 3rd set instead the balance is broken with the Austrian Thiem who manages to wrest a Raonic serve in the 5th game then flying up to 4-2. In the tenth game the Austrian closed the match at the second attempt with u nInsertion point on goal. It will therefore him to challenge Roger Federer, seeded No.

4 that before the semi-final without playing was eliminated in the quarterfinals Polish Hurckacz with a double 6-4. Between the two finalists will be the fifth challenge ever. The budget is now in a draw: 2-2. Gasport

February 18, 2019 – Milan From gymnastics gym (daily, even double training), and then snowboarding, sandboarding, surfing, motocross, scuba diving, muay thai, paragliding, bungee-jumping, free-dive, dive (strictly in backflip, back) from the cliffs of 20 meters and sky diving: “a stroke of incredible adrenaline. I jumped to over 4,000 meters in France, Spain, United States. and I want to continue.” No doubt. in a fanta -campionato with giving away the title of “the character of the sporty showbiz” to win (for release) would be her: Giulia Calcaterra, 27, a former tissue and wrecked the Island of the Famous, and today influencer nearly 700,000 followers specialist in the “action” world.

His storytelling is a winner on Instagram: “Extreme sports, travel and adrenaline.” Fans are growing dramatically and companies that want to become partners as well. “Yeah, it’s like you’re a professional athlete. I love challenges all along. I grew up on a farm in the province of Novara. I was not playing with dolls, I was in the garden chasing butterflies, doing somersaults. I was always upside down. ”  The Giulia Calcaterra physical beast.

The Giulia Calcaterra physical beast. And from there … the first love: gymnastics. “In gymnastics if you have qualities do you go along. You have to risk it. Put yourself in the game physically, defy gravity and if you do not have the risks hardening. You’re hurting me.” Even the world of entertainment is very competitive … “And how!

But it’s a sick competition. All that jostling, for what then … No, no, I do not like. I wanted, however, participate in the competition Veline 1xbet games because it was a challenge. And the I finally won as well.

So in 2012 I left the artistic gymnastics competitions la Notizia “for the strip bar. And it is passed in a short white sports shoes to the one with the heels … “Then the sequined dress instead of the suit. The trick …

But it was me that was very, very tough. ‘OK, it is becoming time great! ‘. it is a job, among other very coveted and I was lucky to be able to start with a monster talent like Antonio Ricci. But it was not easy. Often I cried, I admit, I have suffered from depression. ” Giulia Calcaterra. Yet she was used to the races … “I was destabilized. I used to compete and be judged by a competent jury.

If getting caught by a zero shut up because you deserve it. But when you are evaluated by people who know only insulting: ‘You’re ugly, you fat. It was more beautiful this or that. not at … etc ‘. Ricci had to protect ourselves made us close the social channels. ” A sort of media bullying. “Yes, that’s right. I’ll tell a bad story. In 2011 I wanted to give in, I commend my rottweiler because it was impossible to manage it, so I take pictures and post on my Facebook profile.

But when I become Velina, a crazy animal takes my image and start putting out false news: in summary, stated that I wanted to kill my dog ​​to go on TV. I responded via social that my dog ​​had been dead for a while ‘, because he was sick (gastric torsion). Blast heaven! they gave me assassin. I received insults, death threats, hate mail, calls back home to my parents, that animal citofonavano me home.

I was afraid.