Laughter) It is not for nothing.

Then the other Ugandan Oscar Chelimo (33 40 “), then Crippa (33’46”), he returned Friday to a gathering in the warm Algarve and Meucci (34’12 “), very enterprising in the first half of the race. Yogi Chiappinelli is 8 ° (34’33 “), then there are Cesare Maestri (34’38”) and, tenth, Michele Fountain (34’58 “). The successful arrival of Winfred Yavi, 19 years.

Colombo BRAVA NADIA – The blue colors fly higher in the female test. Again, Africa is mistress wins the 19 year-old Winfred Yavi, Kenyan flying the flag of Bahrain (17’50 “), in bronze time junior world champion of hedges, before Ethiopian Adanech Anbesa Feysa (17’58”) and Kenyan Gloria Kite (18’00 “), the favorite of the eve, this season between the meadows already won in Soria and Alcobendas, Spain. Læs resten

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